The Election Is On Eurovision Weekend And People Are Fuming

This morning, ScoMo announced that the Federal election would be held on May 18.

Now, there's plenty more information about that over on our live blog, but the real issue here is that May 18 is the same day as the Eurovision finals!

A quick Google search will tell you that Eurovision -- an event so beloved by Australians that they let us compete in the damn competition -- goes from Tuesday, May 14 to Saturday, May 18, so people were, understandably, not thrilled.

Now, technically speaking the two won't clash, as the time difference ensures that the finals will kick off early Sunday morning, May 19, but with so much going on, people are demanding that the election is called quickly since they're going to have to be up early.

Some people are planning on kicking on from one party into the next:

And some are just taking it as a personal attack.

Feature image: Getty Images / Twitter