Did Ariana Grande Just Come Out As Bisexual In Her New Song?

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét have dropped their new joint single "Monopoly," and fans are (again) speculating over Ari's sexuality.

As promised, the pair released their latest banger on Monday, and fans immediately hit up Twitter to celebrate the track.

While many sang their praises of the tune -- which compares girls to the board game Monopoly -- others were more interested certain in the lyrics, with the pair singing post-chorus, "I like women and men".

Ariana also repeats the line by herself later in the track, which, of course, means that everyone is now going hog wild with speculation that this is the 25-year-old's way of announcing her sexuality.

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It's not the first time fans have thought that the singer's lyrics have hinted to her sexual preferences.

When the iconic banger "thank u, next" dropped, Apple Music published an incorrect lyric about a supposed relationship with someone named ‘Aubrey’ -- which social media users thought to be a woman.

The name immediately trended on Twitter racking up 13,000 tweets in a matter of hours, until Grande herself was forced to clarify she was actually singing about herself and was saying 'Ari,' not 'Aubrey'.

As in, it was meant to signify that she's 'dating' and focussing on herself, geddit?

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While we wait for the queen herself to again address these whispers, you can enjoy "Monopoly" below.