Chaotic Music Festival In Miami Has Been Crowned 'Fyre Fest 2'

The highly-anticipated sequel to Fyre Festival has arrived.

The first day of the Ultra Music Festival took place in Miami on Saturday and ended in the kind of disaster that had festivalgoers comparing it to 2017's infamous Fyre Fest.

Over 50,000 people were stranded at the event on Virginia Key island after the festival finished at 2 am -- with the planned shuttle buses unable to cope with demand, the Miami Herald reported.

Videos posted to Twitter with the hashtag '#FyreFestival2' show thousands of disgruntled revellers giving up and walking the nearly five kilometres along a causeway to the Florida mainland.

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One Ultra attendee wrote on Twitter that she left the event at 1:30 am and didn't arrive back at her hotel in Miami until 6 am.

"Two girls having NO idea how to get back wearing rave clothes, walking aimlessly around Miami was the most terrifying thing..." wrote Twitter user @baeeekailey.

The festival also featured a literal fire -- with celebratory fireworks sparking a blaze that some attendees said was the real reason they were forced to leave the island on foot.

We feel it's also important to mention that -- before the fires and the transport chaos -- Ultra attendees were forced to endure this horrendous KFC-sponsored DJ set from Colonel Sanders who asked the crowd if they were "hungry for some beats?"

Attendees and those following the whole nightmare online immediately began referencing Netflix's Fyre documentary, with some suggesting that the 'Evian water guy' Andy King should have been on hand to help out with the transportation issues.

Others joked that Fyre creators Ja Rule and Billy McFarland (who's currently in prison for fraud) were the real masterminds behind the Ultra chaos.

And while it is clear that nothing could ever compare to the exquisite chaos of Fyre, we're still definitely keen for a Netflix sequel.

Main Image: Twitter.