DJ Famous For Wearing Marshmellow On His Head Calls KFC-Sponsored DJ 'Lame'

The Ultra Music Festival in Miami is being slammed as the sequel to the Fyre Festival, and one specific headliner has caused quite a stir.

The first day of the Ultra festival saw over 50,000 people stranded at 2am, with social media calling it #FyreFestival2, but no one could have imagined the awkwardness of one of the mainstage performances.

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Standing on stage with a massive Colonel Sanders helmet, asking a crowd if they're "hungry for some beats", a KFC-sponsored performance has been criticised by festival attendees, horrified social media witnesses and members of the EDM community.

Footage from the performance shows the audience almost paralysed with a feeling of complete dissatisfaction with the 12 secret herbs and spices the Colonel was dropping.

In a food-based battle of the bangers, Marshmello -- a DJ famous for wearing a marshmallow-shaped helmet when performing onstage -- called DJ Sanders "lame".

"I can think of a lot of other artists that actually deserve to be on that stage instead," Marshmello added in a now-deleted Tweet.

Marshmello -- aka Christopher Comstock -- was inspired by Canadian musician Deadmau5 who performs with a large mouse head. Marshmello's dissatisfaction with Ultra comes via a painted smile frozen on the cylindrical tube he uses as a performative head. He's not pleased, he's just painted that way.

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Marshmello's zingers aimed at the Colonel were joined by the likes of Australian producer Alison Wonderland, who said the whole situation "made me feel so awkward".

Alison Wonderland also called the whole thing "tacky" and claimed the PR stunt cheapened EDM and DJ sets.

Meanwhile, it appeared the Colonel had a great time.

Featured image: Youtube / Twitter.