The Veronicas Return Serving Tea And Shade For Days

The Veronicas are back with their new break up anthem "Think of Me".

The lead single from their as-yet-untitled forthcoming album, "Think of Me" is a highly personal, emotional song set to a pulsing dance beat, just the way we like it!

Describing a person's journey as they leave a toxic relationship, the twins throw shade with lyrics that imagine the ex-partner's inability to move on from them, even in a new relationship.

In the first verse alone, they drag the ex's kitchen skills with the lyric: "The only one thing you know how to cook / I'm sure she's sick of it, but still says it's good", before Jess takes the bridge to flex her skills in the bedroom with the lyrics:

"Do you miss me in your sheets / Do you miss me in your bed / The way we talk all night / The way I gave you head"

But this is just the beginning, as the song goes onto detail how the ex kicked them out of the house SIX times, before climaxing with the lines:

"I underestimated how complicated you are / I don't miss being hated / I don't miss fighting a war"

Now, let's be clear and say that neither twin has specifically said WHOMST this song is about, buuuut, their official account did like this tweet, so you're more than welcome to draw your own conclusions on that.

The point of all this is: The song is a bop, The Veronicas are back, music is saved, we stan and we're sure AF ready for the album.

And we're not the only ones!

Feature image: Getty Images