DZ Deathrays Call Out Sexist Behaviour By Fans Towards Tour Support Act

Currently on tour for their 'Tour With The Lot,' DZ Deathrays have revealed they've had enough of fans misogynistic behaviour towards their mostly-female support act, Moaning Lisa.

Posting a statement to their social media platforms on Tuesday, the group condemned "disrespectful" behaviour by male fans directed towards Canberra-based artists, Moaning Lisa.

"There has been a number of instances where men have been disrespectful to our support act, Moaning Lisa and this is absolutely not on," they began.

"We have asked them to join us on this tour because we thoroughly enjoy their music and want to showcase a great band to a new crowd. For them to feel unsafe is absolutely unacceptable," they added.

"If you’re caught being disrespectful to anyone at any of our shows you will be immediately removed."

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The boys added that they were "completely heartbroken by the actions of some people," and urged those attending their shows to call out any inappropriate behaviour they may witness.

"A DZ show should be a fun and inclusive affair for all attending."

"If your mate is acting up, call them out. If you see someone being disrespectful or making anyone feel unsafe please let security, staff or us know."

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Fans were quick to praise the band for calling out toxic behaviour, with one commenter even saying that they witnessed cups being thrown at Moaning Lisa during their performance at Airlie Beach.

Sadly, this type of toxic sentiment directed at female artists is nothing new, with Tasmanian band Luca Brasi also calling out concertgoers last August for their "unwelcome" behaviour.

“There were certain members of the audience in Sydney whose behaviour made people feel unwelcome and unsafe, so much so that they decided to leave our show early,” the band wrote.

“Dancing around and singing along always makes for awesome vibes. Shoving people and knocking them to the ground DOES NOT,” they continued. “We’ve been through shit too many times and it’s not why we want to play shows. Consideration for how you occupy space at shows, and showing respect for your audience mates, will always make for a better experience for everyone.”

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