Lady Gaga Slams Pregnancy Rumours, Announces New Album

An album is born.

Amid the rumours that the recent Oscar winner and her A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper are in love or having an affair or moving in together, new tabloid reports emerged claiming Gaga was pregnant.

New Idea published reports that the father of the baby was going to cause drama with Gaga and Cooper's recent close relationship already putting a strain on his relationship with girlfriend Irina Shayak.

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Well, not one to hold her tongue, Gaga decided to weigh in on all the baby drama, posting on Twitter on Wednesday:

#LG6 is, of course, a reference to Gaga's sixth studio album -- letting fans know that the only baby she's currently making is a new album.

Gaga's last album -- aside from the Star is Born soundtrack -- was the country-pop Joanne in 2016. Gaga has also signed a two-year residency in Las Vegas where she performs both her "Enigma" show and a stripped-down Jazz and Piano show.

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While very little is known about the gestation of Gaga's hotly anticipated sixth album following her Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe wins with A Star is Born, fans were definitely thrilled at the idea of more music dropping soon.

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed Gaga recently followed record producer BloodPop and Rihanna on Instagram, igniting rumours of potential collaborations.

Also, it looks like this meme really does work.

Featured image: Getty Images.