Hozier Surprises Commuters With Mini Concert In New York Subway

Picture this: It's peak hour, and after a long day at work, you're on your way home.

You're headed to the subway (did we mention you live in New York City in this scenario?! You do. You're practically one of the Friends!) and hoping your line is running on time for once, when all of a sudden, you step onto the platform and into a Hozier concert.

Your day just improved by, like, at least 67 percent, right?!

Well, this became a reality for some selected New Yorkers yesterday, when Hozier -- real name Andrew Hozier-Byrne -- surprised a whole bunch of people with a mini-concert at the subway station under Rockefeller Plaza.

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In a collaboration with Spotify to promote his new album Wasteland, Baby!, Hozier opened the gig with his hit "Take Me To Church", before playing a whole host of other jams, including"Movement" and "Almost (Sweet Music)".

Needless to say, Hozier's fans were deeply emotional about the whole thing.

We've never been so jealous!

Feature image: Twitter