Clare Bowditch On Being Your Own Woman: "It Takes A Lot Of Guts To Be Who We Are In The World"

What better time for Clare Bowditch to celebrate the release of her inspirational track, "Woman", than on International Women's Day?

Clare Bowditch said she still can't watch the film clip for her single, "Woman", and it's easy to see why. Filmed in a warehouse in Melbourne, the powerful clip sees women of all ages and backgrounds taking front and centre stage, appearing unapologetically as themselves -- no more, no less.

"I'm deeply inspired when I look in the eyes of those women and when I was there seeing what they were bringing, it takes a lot of guts to do," Clare told 10 daily.

"It takes a lot of guts to be who we are in the world and we're constantly being told that we need to 'play small' and 'tone it down'."

It's this concept that the singer takes on in her feminist anthem "Woman" -- an inspiring ballad that encourages women of the world to free themselves from society's constraints and live their life in a way that makes them happy.

"The song was inspired after the girls and I went out on a Tuesday night for a drink, which doesn't happen that often. We're working people and we've got little people that we're caring for, so it felt a bit radical," she explained.

"But it was one of those weeks where I was anxious, and would have just been easier to stay home, but I thought, 'I need my gals tonight', so off we went. We had a drink, we talked about all the usual stuff going on."

She continued, "Then we started talking about the stuff that was on our heart. The stuff that was in our mind. Things like our body size, things like feeling guilty for the privilege that we have in the world and not using it correctly, things like feeling like a sh*t mum at times." 

"To have it out in the open just made me feel like myself again, but it also made me angry that we felt the need to hide these things. And I went home. I thought, 'Fuck it, we need to this'.  I sat down at the piano and this song came out," she said, adding, "It just felt so strong and out of the blue."

Clare went on to explain the process of going against the grain in terms of the average, bikini-clad babe, model-perfect film clip -- instead, she and filmmaker Lucy Knox chose to opt for real girls and women to be apart of her project.

"These women are just showing us unapologetically who they are. I grew up in an era, for example, if I tried to surf, I would be mercilessly bullied," she explained, adding,  "When I became a mother, I thought, f**k that! I will do everything that I can to make sure that my daughter gets to do more of what she wants -- and I think the world getting there."

"We need to keep using our voices to speak up for people who don't have voices. And having the guts to go for your dreams is tough enough work. I want this song to be the soundtrack to people's next act of courage," she added.

"Most people who are hearing this song have access to a computer -- which means they already have a voice and have more privilege than many others in the world. We have an obligation to keep counting ourselves in and keep using our voices."

To support the release, Clare will be performing in Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney with Alice Skye supporting at all shows except Newcastle.

Fri May 24– Sooki Lounge - Belgrave VIC

Sat May 25 – Corner Hotel – Melbourne VIC

Wed May 29 – Lizottes - Newcastle NSW (with Xani Kolac)

Thur May 30 – Factory Theatre – Sydney NSW

Tickets for Clare Bowditch's "Woman" launch tour are available at 

Image: Universal Music