J-Lo Responds To Criticism Of Motown Grammys Performance

Jennifer Lopez has responded to criticism that she shouldn't have taken centre stage during the Motown tribute at the Grammys.

Lopez performed classic Motown hits like "Dancing in the Street", "I've Got Sunshine" and "My Girl" with music legend Smokey Robinson and Ne-Yo at the 61st Grammys Awards on Sunday evening.

But critics have questioned why a black artist wasn't leading the charge to celebrate 60 years of the Motown record label.

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Lopez addressed the criticism when she got off stage, as she explained the impact the music of Smokey Robinson had on her when she was growing up in the Bronx.

"Any type of music can inspire any type of artist," she said.

"You can't tell people what to love. You can't tell people what they can and can't do -- what they should sing or not sing."

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Robinson -- the 78-year-old singer-songwriter responsible for hits like "Get Ready" and "My Girls" -- also backed up the Grammy producers' decision to choose Lopez for the Motown medley.

“I don’t think anyone who is intelligent is upset,” he told Variety ahead of the show. “I think anyone who is upset is stupid.”

Robinson will be hosting the Motown 60: A Grammy Celebration special on April 21 with performances from Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and John Legend reportedly planned.

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