Craig David Will Always Take Photos With Fans

Craig David stopped by Studio 10 to chat about his Australian tour, and why he'll always make time for his fans.

Currently touring Australia with All Saints, Craig said that he's always touched that people want photos with him.

"When I'm in the studio or backstage, and people are coming up and asking for pictures, it humbles me every time that someone would wanna take a picture with me and for that to be a moment in their life," he shared with the Studio 10 panel.

Acknowledging that when the situation is "out of [his] control" it can be "a little bit frightening", he quickly went on to say that regardless, he loves it.

"I think, 20 years in this [industry] now, to have people who've supported me and new fans -- you take one picture and it makes that person's day. I mean, isn't that what this is about?" he said.

Asked by Angela Bishop where the weirdest place he'd ever been asked for a photo was, he replied: "We get it all over the place, man! And I'm pretty much a yes, you know what I mean? Yeah, we'll take a picture!"

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Joe Hildebrand then asked if any fans crossed any boundaries with him while taking photos, to which Craig said no.

"I've got good, respectful fans who hold it down, and the people I meet, I think they can feel my energy," he said. "I think if you carry yourself like that, people always try it with you -- my vibe is very positive and I'm very cool so I think even if you came with those intentions, you're like 'nah, I just wanna take a picture with you'."

In order to fact check this, us detectives over at 10 daily waited patiently for Craig to finish filming his segment on Studio 10, and then promptly asked him for a photo.

We're happy to report that he was indeed very kind and posed for photos with a whole slew of us, and it did, in fact, make our day.

So there you have it! Craig David loves his fans, confirmed! Don't say we don't go the extra mile to report the TRUTH, fam!

Feature image: Getty Images