Say You'll Be There: Mel C Hints At Spice Girls Aussie Tour

I tell you what we want what we really, really want...

What we really, really want is for the Spice Girls to tour Australia -- and according to Mel C, our dreams may very well come true.

Following last year's announcement that the Spice Girls (sans Victoria Beckham) would be embarking on a long-awaited reunion tour, '90s babies across the world were ready to again spice up their lives -- until discovering that the only tour dates released are for the UK tour, which kicks off June 1st.

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But don't put away your Union Jack dress just yet, 'coz Mel C may have just hinted that the gals are planning to head down under.

Speaking on The Kyle And Jackie O Show, Melanie Chisholm -- aka Sporty Spice -- assured them that bringing the tour here could still be a possibility if their schedules allow it.

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“Are you going to come here to Australia?” asked Jackie, as Kyle added, “Yeah, is the world tour coming here, or you’re not that far into the planning yet?”

“Well at the moment it’s all UK for now,” Mel C replied. “But we all know that we really owe our Australian fans a visit, so I’ve got everything crossed.”

“If it was up to me, we would be there,” she added. “It has to work for everybody. The four of us, we make the decisions. But you know, it is tricky.”

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