Manson Killer Name Drops Lady Gaga At Parole Hearing

In a truly bizarre twist, convicted killer Bobby Beausoleil has name-dropped Lady Gaga during his parole hearing.

Beausoleil was an associate of Manson Family cult leader, Charles Manson, and was found guilty of killing Gary Hinman, in what was to become the first of the notorious "Helter Skelter" murders.

The now 71-year-old Beausoleil has tried to apply for parole 18 times since he began his sentence at a California prison in 1970.

Now, it seems as though he might be successful after mentioning that his music was used in a Lady Gaga documentary, TMZ reports.

While behind bars, Beausoleil recorded the soundtrack to an indie film called Lucifer Rising in the early '70s which was then sampled in 2017's Gaga: Five Foot Two. 


TMZ is reporting that Beausoleil was asked extensively about the music he's created and whether it has a connection to Manson, who died in prison in November 2017.

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He's using the inclusion of his Lucifer Rising tracks in the Gaga doc as proof that his "art" stands alone, separate from his past links to Manson.

"The Lady Gaga documentary used a portion of it ... and it has been used in other films," Beausoleil said in the parole hearing documents.

"It is respected on its own merits as art," he continued. "I think it is important to try to see it as something that is not representative of something that is related to Manson."

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While it's unclear exactly what made his application successful -- Beausoleil has been approved as "suitable for parole" by the panel in California.

Beausoleil's application will now go before the Board of Parole Hearings, then to the governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

Main Image: Getty Images.