Lana Del Rey Is Going Full Fall Out Boy With Her New Song Titles

Lana Del Rey is doing new year's resolutions better than all of us.

First, she tweeted that she's going to "live more like an Instagram baddie/YouTube vlogger" in her "real life", but she's not going to show anyone the fruits of her labour because it's just for her "own personal pleasure LOL".

Honestly, same! She also wrote out a detailed list of exactly what this entails:

After that, she dropped a new song, titled "hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it", which -- as fans have pointed out -- sounds like a song title by Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy circa the mid-noughties.

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Essentially? This song is confirmation that one of Lana's secret new year's resolutions is to make #20NineScene a REALITY, so it's time to crack out that eyeliner, because the emo revival is HERE, BABES!!!

RAWR, indeed! Anyway, because we're big fans of the long song title flex, so we figured we'd come up with some other song titles that she's free to put on her next album, Norman F-cking Rockwell, which will be released this year.

  • i thought this choker was choking me but now i realise it was the patriarchy of the fashion industry
  • i cannot afford to keep buying all these candles even though i have a lot of money now
  • how can you believe that sexuality is a choice when men are so exhausting, and yet, i continue to want them
  • there are certain celebrities in this town who i suspect may be lying to me about their intentions, but i can't tell you who they are
  • i feel like a beautiful, misunderstood butterfly after years of being a bug, but maybe that's the therapy talking (interlude)
  • have you ever considered that the drugs you're using are actually using you
  • cleanliness is really important to me personally and yet i love a filthy man and i cannot stop?
  • my tears continue to fall from my eyes despite the fact that i turned off the television of life many months ago
  • cake is only for a celebration if you are well in your soul, and i don't know that i am
  • people keep telling me how sad i am and it's like, nah not really hey, things are going okay at the moment, why?
  • spray tans and paris hilton and flexing on the 'gram are a secret that i keep close to my heart and i love it
  • i went on a weekend getaway with my girls but then my girls got away from me
  • turns out i still love chokers even though i am now more informed than ever before (reprise)

Feature image: Getty Images