A Jury Will Decide If Ed Sheeran Copied Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"

A US District Judge has rejected Ed Sheeran's request to dismiss a copyright lawsuit against him.

The suit claims that Sheeran's track "Thinking Out Loud" sounds really similar to Marvin Gaye's sexy 1973 hit "Let's Get It On", which was co-written by the late Ed Townsend.

Townsend's estate has gone after Sheeran plus Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Atlantic Records and now Judge Louis Stanton has advised that a jury should decide the matter, Reuters reports.

Stanton's decision found “substantial similarities between several of the two works’ musical elements," noting the bass lines and percussion used in both songs.

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While the defence claimed that Sheeran's track has “somber, melancholic tones, addressing long-lasting romantic love” and Gaye's was a "sexual anthem", Judge Stanton said ordinary music fans might classify them as having the same "aesthetic appeal".

Stanton added that Sheeran didn't exactly do himself a favour by performing a handy mashup of both songs in Zurich in 2014.

The judge wrote that a jury “may be impressed by footage of a Sheeran performance which shows him seamlessly transitioning between [the songs]".

Sheeran has always denied that he ripped off the 1973 track but you can take a listen below yourself and see if you can pick up on any similar "aesthetic appeal".

Main Image: Getty Images.