Britney Spears Announces Indefinite Hiatus Due To Dad's Health

Britney Spears has announced that she won't be performing her planned Vegas residency this year.

The music icon posted an old family photo on Instagram this morning, explaining that her father -- Jamie Spears -- was hospitalised a few months ago and nearly died.

"I don’t even know where to start with this, because this is so tough for me to say. I will not be performing my new show Domination," Spears wrote in the emotional post.

"I’ve been looking forward to this show and seeing all of you this year, so doing this breaks my heart. However, it’s important to always put your family first… and that’s the decision I had to make," she continued.

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"A couple of months ago, my father was hospitalised and almost died," Spears wrote.

"We’re all so grateful that he came out of it alive, but he still has a long road ahead of him. I had to make the difficult decision to put my full focus and energy on my family at this time. I hope you all can understand."

Spears added that any fans holding tickets to her Domination show in Las Vegas would receive refunds.

"I appreciate your prayers and support for my family during this time. Thank you, and love you all… always."

A press release from Britney's management says that Jamie Spears became seriously ill two months ago and was rushed to hospital two months ago.

"His colon spontaneously ruptured and he was immediately admitted into surgery," the statement reads, explaining that Mr Spears spent the next 28 days in hospitals.

"After a long, complicated post surgery he is recuperating at home and gaining strength, and is expected to make a full recovery," the statement continues.

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The announcement adds that Britney has been "tremendously involved with caring for her family, and as a result of his health issues and ongoing recovery, she is going to take time off".

"I am dedicating my focus and energy to care for my family.  We have a very special relationship and I want to be with my family at this time just like they have always been there for me," Spears wrote.

Fans have rallied around Spears, supporting her decision to take time out from her show and put her family first.

The hashtag #WeLoveYouBritney is currently trending on Twitter as fans stand behind Spears during this difficult time.

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