Meet The Dutch Boy Band That's Trying To Stop Brexit

The Breunion Boys are here to bring Britain back to the European Union -- through the power of song.

"I cannot believe this is the end, oh no," the handsome pop group sings in a ballad that's aimed to woo Britain to remain in the EU.

"Britain come back, Britain come back," they add in the catchy chorus. "We promise we can change, can we make you change your mind?"

The emotional track is a heartfelt breakup tune, in which the Breunion Boys try every trick in the book to convince Britain to patch things up and mend the rocky relationship.

The music video for "Britain Come Back" features beachside choreography, sexy sand writhing and the boys penning love notes that read "Please come back xxx".

"This is so desperate," wrote one YouTube user about the song and accompanying clip. And yes, if this was an actual breakup song it would absolutely reek of desperation.

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Most self-respecting people would not be impressed if their ex came to their window with a guitar and attempted to serenade them with lyrics like:

"I still feel your love inside me/ I still sing your words/I make a wish as your star falls".

But this is Britain we're talking about and their love of cheesy songs knows no bounds. The 2018 Christmas number one is a song about sausage rolls, set to the tune of Starship's "We Built This City".

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"Britain Come Back" could actually be the turning point in the Brexit garbage fire that has continued to burn for the last two and a half years.

If enough Britons can hear the European propaganda ballad --could a 2019 reunion become a possibility? We think so. Take a look at these convincing lyrics sung by cute Dutch uni students! 

It’s not too late to remain/ It’s not too late to come back again/ It’s not too late to build a bridge and reunite /We’ll get out of this together /Make our union ever closer/ We’ll set course for peace and prosperity. 

The group -- comprised of students in their early 20s -- was formed by Dutch animation artist Julia Velman, who told Reuters that the 2016 Brexit vote caught her by surprise.

“I cried, I really cried my heart out. It was so unexpected and overwhelming and it made me feel powerless,” she said.

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Band member Joshua Alagbe explained that the song aims to heal some of the anger and hurt that's being felt on both sides of the English Channel.

“I think this emotion should be answered," the 24-year-old said. "We are kind of an answer to the emotion.”

The song was written by Flavia Faas -- a composer from Amsterdam who creates music for films, commercials and is responsible for this stunning Wes Anderson-esque clip about the grooming routine of a prize-winning guinea pig called Golden Boy.

Faas' EU track is such a pop masterpiece we really feel like it should have made its debut as The Netherlands' Eurovision Song Contest entry next year.

But with the next Brexit deadline looming -- in March 2019 -- The Breunion Boys had no choice but to get this beautiful protest anthem out as soon as they could.

Main Image: Instagram/@Breunion Boys.