Taylor Swift Used Facial Recognition Tech To Scan For Stalkers

There's a reason why Taylor Swift knew you were trouble when you walked in.

And it's all to do with the facial recognition technology that was installed at one of her Reputation stadium tour shows.

Rolling Stone has reported that concertgoers who attended the tour in Pasadena, California this year were "mesmerised" by rehearsal clips that were playing at a kiosk as they entered the venue.

But the fans were apparently "unaware of one crucial detail" -- that the kiosks contained secret facial recognition cameras that were taking snaps and sending them to a security HQ "command post" in Nashville to ensure stalkers weren't in attendance.

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"Everybody who went by would stop and stare at it, and the software would start working,” security officer Mike Downing told Rolling Stone.

According to the publication, this kind of security practice could become the norm at big stadium shows -- but eyebrows have been raised at some of the potential problems that could arise from the process.

Gizmodo has asked questions about the identity of the company running the facial recognition technology, whether Swift and her team were even informed about the process, if fans should have to give consent to be photographed, and how long the images would be stored for. Plus a report on whether the system managed to identify any actual stalkers.

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So next time you're attending a stadium show and see a cute kiosk playing "mesmerising" clips of your favourite artist -- just bear in mind that it could actually be a secret spy booth!

And if you're really worried about being caught for any crimes you've committed while innocently attending a concert -- you could always just wait for the DVD.

In fact, Swift's Reputation tour is going to be released on Netflix this December 31st so you can enjoy your New Year's Eve in peaceful privacy -- unless you have one of those smart TVs that's secretly recording everything you do.

Main Image: Getty Images