Kanye West Wants To Collab With Bob Dylan, Likes Trees

Kanye West has reached out to Bob Dylan in the hopes of working with the legendary musician.

West wrote a shout out on Twitter today that read; "Calling out to Bob Dylan. Let's get together," in the hopes that his message would reach the attention of the "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" musician.

Dylan probably isn't online as much as Ye and he definitely doesn't run his own Twitter page, but it's probably only a matter of time until someone lets Bob know that he's needed in the studio.

Kanye has previously recorded a duet with Rihanna and Beatles legend Paul McCartney, with their song "FourFiveSeconds" -- but more recently he's featured on Skins, the posthumous record of XXXTentacion. Kanye has been criticised for supporting the Florida rapper, who was facing numerous domestic violence charges before he was killed in June this year.

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Judging by the rest of Kanye's Twitter feed today, it's seems like he was enjoying a peaceful afternoon looking at trees at the Fairchild Garden in Miami when he came up with the idea to work with Bob.

Reading the Bob Dylan tweet in context, it almost seems like Kanye doesn't have a musical collaboration in mind at all and that this is, in fact, ~garden related~.

Dylan is known to have access to the mysterious 'secret garden' in New York's Greenwich Village *and* he wrote a song called "In The Garden". It's actually a song about Jesus -- but Kanye has a track called "Jesus Walks".


always sunny conspiracy GIF

Only time will tell if some kind of collab -- musical or otherwise-- will come to fruition or if Dylan will simply turn the offer down and tell Kanye, "It ain't me babe".

Main Image: Getty Images.