She's Back! Miley Cyrus Has Dropped A Sad Banger With Mark Ronson

Miley has dropped her first tune in over a year.

Pairing up with DJ Mark Ronson -- the track is called "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart", and if we were to describe it, we'd say it's futuristic country with a dash of pop in the mix -- and we are diggin' it.

The wild clip features the "Malibu" songstress driving through a strip club and a gun range where children are holding firearms.

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It comes after Miley wiped her Instagram clean, and started posting cryptic snippets of what we now know to be the music vid.

On working with the 26-year-old, Ronson told BBC:

“It wasn’t an intentional thing. I heard the drawl in her voice and the twang when I saw her live on SNL. My jaw dropped and I became super-fixated about being able to work with her.”

He continued, “But we weren’t trying to make a Western song. I think with Miley, just the way she wrote the verses and the way the melody came out, came naturally.”

The announcement of the new track comes just weeks after Miley and Liam tragically lost their Malibu house after it burned down during the devastating California fires.

Image: Youtube.