Ariana Grande Is Releasing An Entire Doco For Free Tomorrow

It's been another big week for Arianators.

But then again, every week is a big week for Ariana Grande stans because she's online 24/7 and is constantly gifting us with songs, videos and take downs of certain British morning TV hosts.

And while we've all been patiently -- but very desperately -- waiting for the "thank u, next" music video to come out, Ari's only gone and dropped another massive gift in our laps.

A behind-the-scenes documentary about her Dangerous Woman tour -- a journey that took Grande across five continents in 2017.

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"I'm so excited to bring you into the world of the Dangerous Woman diaries," Ari says in the promo clip she's posted to Instagram.

It was during the Dangerous Woman tour that tragedy hit Grande's concert in Manchester, when a suicide bombing after the show killed 23 people -- including the bomber.

It's unclear how/if the tour diary will broach the devastating event -- but Ariana has always made her Manchester fans affected by the bombing a huge priority, performing a charity show in the city just weeks after the event.

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According to Ari and director Alfredo Flores -- there will be four documentary episodes released on YouTube. Three will be dedicated to the Dangerous Woman tour, while one will focus on the Sweetener sessions.

And if you were planning on asking Ari any more questions about the doco, just know she's very tired because it's a been a big week/year, okay?

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