Ted Cruz Got Barred From A Nine Inch Nails Show

Republican Senator Ted Cruz tried to sneak his way onto a Nine Inch Nails guest list.

But the lead singer of the iconic industrial rock band -- Trent Reznor -- was having absolutely none of it.

Reznor and the band performed in Dallas last night and he explained how the  Trump administration politician tried to get himself on the door list, in a video that's been posted to Reddit.

Who would have guessed that Cruz secretly loves Nine Inch Nails -- a band who are famously anti-Republican, pro-Hillary Clinton and like, believe climate change is real.

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Anyway, Reznor asked the crowd in Dallas if any of them voted for Cruz at the recent midterm elections. Cruz only narrowly beat the popular Democrat candidate Beto O'Rourke in the historically red state.

"Who voted for Ted Cruz?" he asked before asking the house lights be brought up. "It's alright, I won't hold it against you," he promised.

"Just checking!" Reznor explained as he scanned the illuminated crowd.

"He might be here tonight, he was bugging to get on the guest list and I told him to f*** off," the frontman said of Cruz's attempt to enjoy free live music.

And while Reznor definitely detests Cruz's Trump-aligned politics and has maybe started to believe the wild allegations about Cruz being the Zodiac Killer, he barred the politician for a relatively simper -- and very understandable -- reason.

Cruz went absolutely nuts on a Nine Inch Nails rider one time and drank all their booze!

"We put him on a few years ago, he drank all the beer, and was just a pain in the ass to be around," said Reznor

"Can’t hold it against you," he told the Texan Nine Inch Nails fans.

Main Image: Getty Images.