Who Is She? George Maple Lookalike Has Confused ARIA Fans

Everyone has been loving George Maple's very fashion-forward outfit on the ARIAs red carpet. There's just one problem: George Maple isn't at the ARIA Awards.

A mysterious lookalike popped up on Getty Images and was identified as George Maple, the Sydney singer-songwriter -- aka Jess Higgs. It wasn't long before a number of publications began praising Maple for her bold ensemble.


But if you're a George Maple fan and have been following her Instagram stories -- you'll know that she's not anywhere near the ARIAs tonight.

The "Hero" singer has been bemusedly following the glowing coverage of gorgeous red carpet look.

"Whoever you are you look amazing but @sydneymorningherald I am not at the @ariaawards just to be very clear," Maple wrote.

The singer does wear a sort of similar hooded outfit in her video for "Hero", so perhaps that's where the confusion has stemmed from? We're not entirely sure, but we think Getty's captions might have something to do with it.

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"Once again thank you, but this is not me," Maple wrote on yet another flattering post naming her as the mysterious fashion icon.

Fans of Maple's have also been having a little giggle over the confusion.

And if you've been wondering who this mystifying but sartorially splendid George Maple doppelgänger is -- we're here to help you out.

It's none other than stylist Fleur Egan -- who's been sashaying around in a J'Aton number, confusing the hell out of everyone at the ARIAs.

Well played, Fleur.

Main Image: Getty Images.