ARIAs 2018: Turns Out, No One Can Name A Single Keith Urban Song

He's one of the best-known country music singers in the world -- but can you name a single Keith Urban song?

Urban has released nearly a dozen records, won a handful of Grammy awards,  is universally loved for his random acts of kindness and was the actual host of the ARIA awards last night -- but you're not alone if you're having trouble naming one of his tracks.

So we decided to ask some esteemed ARIA guests -- including Zane Lowe, Mya, Courtney Barnett and Client Liason -- a very important red carpet question.

"Do you have a favourite Keith Urban song?"

Not even a track from the 2002 classic, Golden Road? Or perhaps "Once In A Lifetime" -- which literally became the highest-debuting country single in the 62-year history of the Billboard charts??

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"A Keith Urban song?" mused Mya. "Oh my god, he is amazing... wow," she continued before conceding defeat. "No, I don’t have a favourite."

"Ah... oh they're all great," BBC1 radio DJ Zane Lowe explained, extremely diplomatically.

Look, we admit it's a bit unfair springing this question on the ARIA crowd -- because it would be a very different story if we rocked up to the Tamworth Country Music Awards where people would be able to provide us with ten Keith Urban songs and an essay explaining their choices.

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But one thing was made very clear, everyone LOVES Keith, even if they can't explain exactly why.

We'd also like to award full marks to Megan Washington, Samantha Jade, Sophie Monk and Alli Simpson who are all apparently loyal Urban stans... even if they still struggled with actual titles.

"That one he had with ... that duet he had with Carrie Underwood!" Jade excitedly said.

"I really like the duet he just did with Julia Michaels," said Washington. "It's brand new, it's really good."

In the wise words of singer Vera Blue, it might be time for us all to do our homework and actually listen to a Keith Urban album.

We love you, Keith!

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