Kasey Chambers' ARIAs Speech Made Everyone Cry

Australian country music legend Kasey Chambers was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame tonight -- and we're not crying, you are.

After pulling her speech out from under her skirt -- hidden in her shoe -- Chambers opened up about the most powerful advice her parents ever gave her.

“My mum has taught me over the years that being a bitch doesn’t make you strong and being strong doesn’t make you a bitch," Chambers said.

"The best advice that my dad ever gave me ... he said to me once, 'Just ‘don’t be a dickhead’," she laughed.

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"I know it doesn’t sound very profound, but it’s actually been the best advice to follow," she explained.

"Seriously, you don’t need to be a dickhead to get ahead in this business, you really don't.

"You honestly ... don’t have to drag other people down in order to get to the top. Yo don't have to treat people like sh**. Don't even worry what other people are doing, just do your own thing and try not to be a dickhead," said Chambers.

Chambers -- who also took home the 'Best Country Album' award -- has been praised for her raw, heartfelt speech.

Congrats, Kasey!

Main Image: Getty Images.