Couple Removed From Rock Gig For Having Sex In Front Row

A couple were removed from San Diego's House of Blues venue for reportedly having sex in the front row of a concert.

Heavy metal band Machine Head posted on Instagram that the pair were ejected from the venue during "Davidian" where they were apparently really emphasising the latter part of headbanging.

"When a guy and gal get ejected for having sex during 'Davidian' (in the front row no less!?) you know it's gonna [be] complete insanity!" The band captioned a pic from the show.

"What a welcome back you guys gave us, we are blown away," they continued listing all the thrills and spills from the show, "Epic circle pits, the jumping was crazy, boobies, sing-alongs, crowd-surfing-mania, couples having sex!!?"

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Calling it one of the "wildest and rowdiest" of their tour, the band deemed San Diego "un-fired" after they hadn't played in the city since 2001.

Also truly amazing social media marketing to add the hashtags for vodka and weed.

A few months ago Robb Flynn posted a video to Facebook saying that two of the members, Phil Demmel and Dave McClain, would be leaving the band following the current tour.

While he later clarified that this was not the end of Machine Head, just the end of this particular line-up for the band, it looks like Demmel and McClain were going out... with a bang.

Featured image: Instagram @machine_head.