Jack & Jack Talk About Their Journey From Vine Stars To Pop Stars

10 daily caught up with pop-rap duo Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson during their recent whirlwind trip to Australia.

Bursting onto the charts this year when they featured on Jonas Blue's hit single "Rise", Vine-stars-turned-musos Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson -- or Jack & Jack as they're known -- have gone from being best friends since the first day of kindergarten, to becoming two of the world's most famous Viners, to bonafide pop sensations.

And while having 5.8 million followers on Vine may sound like an easy way to forge a musical career, according to boys who grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, it was this internet notoriety that had them working harder in order to prove themselves in the music world.

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"I think there's definitely a stigma that always comes attached to somebody coming from social media," Jack Gilinsky told 10 daily.

"We'd get discredited by the general public because we're 'internet kids' when, in reality, basically everyone's favourite artists are 'internet people'," he added.

And they're not wrong. In 2018 it's rare -- bizarre, even -- for musicians not to have a significant internet presence, whether that be a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube account.

"The line is starting to become blurred, you know?" Jack G continued, adding, "If we became famous through social media now, I actually think it'd be even easier for us to be taken seriously in the music space."

"I feel like we helped break that stigma," Jack J added.

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Part of breaking that stigma, the pair believe, was the fact that British DJ Jonas Blue reached out after hearing them on an LA radio station, and later got them on board for his single "Rise", which soon peaked at 7 on the ARIA charts.

"We're super grateful for Jonas and his team and for the way things happened," Jack G said of the smash hit single, adding, "I think people hear the song and realise, 'Oh, these kids can really make a track that is mainstream and popular.' They see that we can do it on our own."

"I think true passion and talent just definitely shines through at the end of the day -- no matter what platform you come from," Jack J added.

Jack & Jack's latest single 'No One Compares To You' is out now.

Image: Getty Images.