Justin Bieber Is Ready To Make Aaron Carter Happen

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. They're just some of the greatest bromances in history, and today, we add Justin Bieber and Aaron Carter to the list.

We cover a lot of celeb news that focuses on women supporting women, and TODAY, we're here to show you that our male popstars can be just as kind and supportive as our iconic female faves.

After Aaron Carter -- the troubled younger brother of his Backstreet Boy Nick Carter -- tweeted about being underappreciated by today's generation of teen idols, Justin Bieber logged on to send some love and support his way. Wholesome!

Responding to a fan wondering why Aaron "never reached the level of success" that Biebs did, Aaron said that he'd "been in [the] industry" since before JB was born and "paved the way" for him and stars like him.

"These kids have NEVER paid me homage," the "Crush On You" singer finished.

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Biebs -- who is also currently ~under construction~ -- caught wind of Aaron's thoughts, and took the time to respond.

The recently married singer tweeted that he "bumped the song 'Aaron's Party'" when he was a kid.

"If you need a hype man I got you," he continued.

In a separate tweet, Biebs continued: "All love over here Aaron. You got my support".

Is this the start of a beautiful bromance for the ages? Perhaps! Will we see a double headline Justin Bieber / Aaron Carter world tour in the future? As Justin once sang, "Never Say Never"!

Personally, we think that a good hype man tags the man he's tryna hype, but hey, baby steps, right?! Anyway, Aaron appreciated the shout out either way!

Feature image: Getty Images