Pusha T's Toronto Concert Ended In An Insane All-In Brawl

The punch-on was captured by several audience members.

Performing in Toronto for the first time since his infamous beef with Toronto local Drake, Pusha T's show went zero to 100 REAL QUICK when audience members began throwing water, beer and paint on stage in the middle of a song, and later began brawling.

According to other audience members, Pusha's security roughed up three guys who tried to rush the rapper on stage, and then the fight ensued among the crowd, causing Pusha to retreat offstage.

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He later returned to the stage to perform 'I Don't Like' and 'The Story of Adidon' and then blamed Drake for the disturbance.

The crazy incident comes just after Pusha T played at Camp Flog Gnaw with the words "F*ck Drake" projected onto the giant screen behind him -- though he later blamed the move on a "corny ass tech dude."

Image: Getty Images.