Girl Who Sang Through Brain Surgery Invited To Concert By Weezer

Weezer has personally invited Kira Iaconetti to come to one of their shows after seeing the viral video of her singing "Island In The Sun" while having a brain tumour removed.

Kira had been performing in musicals since she was six, but began having moments where she would suddenly struggle to remember lyrics, and would begin to sing off-key.

Soon enough, doctors at the Seattle Children's hospital found a brain tumour the size of a marble located in her right temporal lobe, which controls the auditory senses.

Describing life before the surgery as "like a light switch" that would make her "suddenly... tone deaf," Kira recalled struggling to "process the words in time to the music"

Going in for surgery, her doctors devised a plan to wake her up during brain surgery and have her sing, in order to map what parts of her brain was being used, so that they could preserve her ability to sing and process sounds.

Kira chose to sing "Island in the Sun" by Weezer, and just 48 hours after the surgery, she was back to singing and playing guitar.

Weezer caught wind of the singing sensation, and after wishing her  a "speedy recovery", said that they'd love to have her come along to one of their gigs.

"Shoot us a DM and we'll make it happen," the band wrote on Twitter.

Get well soon, Kira!

Feature image: YouTube