Mariah Carey Discusses The 'Movement' Behind #JusticeForGlitter

Mariah Carey may be on the promo circuit for her new album 'Caution', but she's finding that she has two albums to discuss, after the soundtrack to 'Glitter' found its way to the number one spot on iTunes.

While appearing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Mariah discussed the "movement" behind the 2018 success of the 2001 soundtrack to her film Glitter.

Exclaiming that the movie "almost ruined her life", Mariah laughed. “#JusticeForGlitter. It’s a movement.”

Mariah went on to say that originally, the hashtag was directed at her, because she "never" performs songs from it.

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“It was a tough time. It was a whole thing. It was a drama,” the singer lamented.

As Fallon pointed out, Mimi now has the possibility of knocking Glitter off of the top spot with her new album, Caution, Mariah exclaimed: "Well, first of all, the fact that Glitter even, like, came back is like... a thing. It's a thing!"

“It is a good album,” Mariah said. “The fans made it happen. It had nothing to do with me. It's a movement, it's much bigger than me.”

Anyway, you know what else is a good album? Caution! It's streaming now and it slaps, so give it a spin.

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