New Study Says Ed Sheeran Is Sending People To Sleep

You're not alone if you need to pop in your headphones to get a good night's sleep.

But a new study has found there are certain artists we're more likely to listen to send us into a slumber.

The University of Sheffield has conducted new research into the relationship between music and sleep and found that the Shape Of You singer is one of the most popular choices for a sleep-inducing soundtrack.

Of over 600 responders in the survey,  62 per cent said they had used music to help them nod off. When asked about the kinds of music they were listening to -- Ed Sheeran was the second most popular choice.

Researchers said people with insomnia reported using music as a distractor from "negative thoughts" that prevent them from drifting off to sleep.

And to help distract them without keeping them awake, the music people selected had a "relatively low tempo (60–80 beats per minute), low amplitude, and relatively little or slow-moving change, and are of a smooth/legato nature," according to the study.

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Which explains why Ed Sheeran is such a popular choice. There's just something "Perfect" about Ed's music that helps people stop "Thinking Out Loud" and get some shut-eye.

Bach was the most mentioned artist in the study -- and classical composers Mozart and Chopin also made it into the top six.

Coldplay and Brian Eno were also common choices for low-tempo snooze mixtapes.

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We're just confused as to why Jigglypuff -- arguably the most effective purveyor of lullabies -- was left off the list.

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