A 'Fake' Metal Band Just Pulled Off The Most Bizarre Scam

Members of a 'fake' metal band from the US have scammed their way onto stages across Europe -- but not a single fan showed up.

Los Angeles group Threatin managed to book shows in countries including England, Scotland, France and Italy by convincing venue owners that they had a *massive* fan base and that tickets were selling like hot cakes.

Frontman Jered Threatin reportedly bought fake Facebook fans, filmed doctored footage of live shows and posed as a booking agent -- assuring venues that the band had already sold hundreds of tickets.

Music website Metal Sucks has collected all the receipts from the audacious scheme and -- honestly -- Joanne The Scammer would be incredibly proud.

Sort of.

Threatin played The Underworld in London after their "booking agent" said they'd sold close to 300 tickets -- but just three people rocked up.

"What happened to the 291 advanced ticket sales your agent said you'd sold?" the venue wrote on Facebook.

"THREE PEOPLE turned up. Please don't lie about ticket sales, and please don't contact us again for a show," a screenshot from the now-deleted band Facebook page reads.

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The same thing happened at venues in Bristol and Birmingham when the much-hyped band played to empty rooms -- the mysterious ticket holders nowhere to be seen.

The Exchange in Bristol wrote about the bizarre con job on Facebook -- reporting that the band literally played for four people.


"On the face of it Threatin were a successful band with record label, PR company, promo videos and a strong social media following," the venue wrote.

But on the night when the promised crowd was nowhere to be seen -- the Exchange demanded Threatin pay up if they wanted to continue the gig... in front of an empty room.

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"The singer and TM (tour manager) walk off an return with the full hire fee/ At this point there are only a couple of guests that the support bands have brought in the venue.

"Eventually Threatin hit the stage, and instead of playing to expected crowd of 180, they play to the sound engineer, the TM and two members of the support band who feel sorry for them," The Exchange wrote.

As far as we can see -- Threatin hasn't made any money off their European tour scam. Assuming they would have had to shell out for flights and accommodation (plus the cash they were forced to shell out at one venue), they've only gained an extremely bad reputation.

Did they really co-ordinate this elaborate scam *just* for the pleasure of playing the finest empty venues in Europe?

Some have compared Jered Threatin to Tommy Wiseau -- the mastermind behind what's widely regarded as the worst film ever madeThe Room. 

Threatin are due to play Belfast tonight and then Paris, Bergamo and Weinheim throughout the week.

We just hope someone has given the venues the heads up...

Main Image: YouTube/Threatin