"Are You Zandhr?" Ariana Fans Convinced A Secret Album Has Leaked

It's already been a huge week for Ariana Grande fans after the singer dropped a brand new track, "thank u, next" on Saturday night.

Now, Arianators are convinced they've been gifted an entire album -- after a collection of songs that sound *a lot* like Ari showed up on Spotify and Apple Music under the name Zandhr.

Fans who have carefully listened to the tracks are now trying to figure out if the mysterious artist really is Grande -- with some claiming that the album seems to be a leak of older unreleased songs.

Fans have also been appealing directly to Ari, hoping the "God Is A Woman" singer will clear up the whole confusing mystery.

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But Grande has remained tight-lipped about the possible album leak -- her most recent tweets are about an upcoming appearance on Ellen. She also reacted to a post by Twitter about the midterm elections that referenced her new track.

And while we still don't know who the hell Zandhr really is, Arianators are just happy new Ari music is online.

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