50 Cent Bought 200 Tickets To Ja Rule's Show So It Would Be Empty

50 Cent has taken pettiness to a whole new level in his decades-long feud with Ja Rule.

The rapper said he has bought US$3,000 worth of tickets to Ja Rule's show in Texas next month, in an attempt to humiliate his nemesis.

50 Cent uploaded a screenshot of a Groupon offer for the Ja Rule concert, writing, " I just bought 200 seats in the front so they can be empty. LOL".

50 Cent is seemingly very proud of this prank, uploading an artist's rendition of what the empty concert will look like on Instagram.

His followers are less than impressed though, with a number of commenters calling out the rapper for being "petty".

"This the pettiest thing I've ever seen," wrote one person.

"Petty LaBelle at his finest," said another.

Ja Rule has not directly responded to the stunt but did reach out to 50 Cent's estranged son Marquise Jackson on Twitter.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have been engaged in a feud since 1999. The beef has involved physical altercations, a series of diss tracks and potshots on social media.

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50 Cent has a notoriously long list of enemies (Nas, The Game, Diddy, Lil Wayne) but this is the first time he's so creatively sabotaged one of his foes.

Although, after the catastrophe that went down at Ja Rule's infamous Fyre Festival last year, 50 probably didn't need to bother with all of this intricate meddling.

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