Tracy Chapman Is Suing Nicki Minaj For Copyright Infringement

Nicki Minaj is in some hot water for her song "Sorry".

The Queen rapper is currently being sued by Tracy Chapman for using her song "Baby, Can I Hold You" in Minaj's track without her permission.

According to the suit, Minaj's team began reaching out to Chapman about using the song -- a request that was denied, even though Minaj had already recorded the track in the lead-up to the album Queen. The track didn't make it on the album.

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The suit alleges that Minaj's team gave "Sorry" to a DJ, who played it on Hot 97 and promoted the track on his social media. The track then began to circulate and is still available online.

There are a handful of now-deleted tweets that the suit also references, including one where Minaj wrote "Sis said no" regarding the "Fast Car" singer's refusal to allow her to use the lyrics and vocal melody in "Sorry".

Another deleted tweet reportedly makes mention of Minaj's struggle to hold her album's release back while waiting for the track to clear. Another claimed Minaj had "no clue" the song sampled Chapman's track.

This isn't the first time Chapman has refused to allow an artist to sample her work. Back in 2005 it was revealed she refused to allow Kanye West to sample her work.

"I'm not really a fan of it," Chapman said of artists sampling her work adding, "especially if people do it without permission."

"It can work sometimes, but at other times it may not be in line with the music that somebody may have come to appreciate from the original," Chapman said.

"I guess I'm protective."

Featured image: Getty Images.