Everyone's Screaming At Britney's Las Vegas 'Announcement'

It was the announcement that Britney Spears went on 'The Ellen Show' to announce was coming last week. An announcement FOR an announcement? 'Must be big!' fans thought.

This afternoon, the announcement happened, and here's how it went down.

Britney took over Ellen's YouTube channel, going live from Las Vegas as a sick megamix of all the pop princess' biggest hits played while dancers, lights, and giant trucks screening her music videos all entertained the patient audience.

Now, it wasn't exactly a secret that the big announcement was going to be Britney's return to Las Vegas for a new residency, as the rumours have been swirling for months.

Still, fans have been left screaming by the announcement... or rather, lack thereof.

As the news of Britney's Vegas return was projected onto the sides of the MGM Hotel, Britney popped up onto a stage, walked down some stairs, signed like... three autographs, told the man hosting the livestream that she liked his hat, hopped in a waiting SUV, and literally just left.

The whole thing took MAYBE two minutes, and she didn't say a word! Basically, it was an absolute, incredible mess, and as dedicated Britney fans, we honestly expected exactly this.

In fact, the whole thing was very reminiscent of the last livestream announcing Britney's Vegas residency back in 2013.

That time, Britney fans watched the livestream for hours, expecting the announcement to come with a performance, as there were hundreds of dancers dressed in Britney schoolgirl outfits standing around in the desert for the event.

The troll came when Britney -- who got sick and vomited in the helicopter that had brought her to the desert --  landed, announced the residency, and hopped in a car to take her home. Oh, and the dancers were there to flip over a piece of a placard that became the Vegas announcement, when viewed from the helicopter.

Anyway, Britney's new residency, this time titled Domination, will begin next February. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, see you there sweeties!

Feature image: Getty Images / Twitter