Eminem Performed 'Venom' On Top Of The Empire State Building

Last night, Eminem appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', performing his latest single "Venom", the theme song from the Tom Hardy film of the same name.

The 46-year-old rapper (it's actually his birthday today, happy b'day, Em!) is shown rapping as he wanders the corridors of the iconic skyscraper, hopping in the elevator and making his way up to the roof.

The whole thing's pretty epic as the building flashes red, white and blue, as helicopters circle the building, shining the spotlight on Eminem.

The performance takes a bonkers left turn in the middle, taking a short break from the song as Em rides the elevator, making some awkward small talk about the Empire State Building as a muzak version of "Venom" plays in the background.

"If you get a chance, you should check out the exhibit on the 80th floor..." Em begins. "This building was designed by a man named William Lamb. It only took him like... four hundred and 10 days to build it... it's crazy, right?"

"Wow," responds the man in the lift.

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Aside from being the theme song from Venom, it's also Em's latest single from Kamikaze, the surprise album he dropped on fans last month. Of course, it's not the first time the rapper has penned a tune for a flick -- he won an Academy Award for "Lose Yourself", the theme song from the semi-autobiographical flick 8 Mile.

In fact, the lyrics to "Venom" even include a nod to "Lose Yourself", as Em raps  "why the f**k not / you only get one shot" toward the end of the song.

Eminem this week announced that he'll be bringing his Rapture tour down under in February 2019, visiting Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Feature image: Getty Images