Fans Are Not Happy About The Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour

It was announced this week that Amy Winehouse would be returning to the stage as a hologram - - but not everyone is happy about the news.

An LA-based company will be using “state-of-the-art proprietary technology” that will see enhanced footage of Winehouse embark on a 2019 tour.

“Featuring digitally remastered arrangements of her classics, the hologram will be backed by a live band, singers and theatrical stagecraft,” a statement by hologram company BASE read.

Fans of Winehouse have described the hologram tour as “incredibly disrespectful” and “exploitative”.

Winehouse's father -- Mitch Winehouse -- said the tour "was a dream" for his family.

"To see her perform again is something special that really can't be put into words," he said in a statement.

"Our daughter's music touched the lives of millions of people and it means everything that her legacy will continue in this innovative and groundbreaking way."

Winehouse, who died of accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011, is not the first music legend to receive the hologram treatment.

BASE is currently touring Roy Orbison and Maria Callas holograms around North America and Europe.

Michael Jackson, Tupac and former Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio have also hit the stage after their deaths in the form of holograms.

Main Image: Getty Images.