Everyone Is Very Confused By Kanye’s SNL Performance

Kanye West has puzzled fans with his latest appearance on Saturday Night Live with rapper Lil Pump.

West--who announced today he's changed his name to Ye -- appeared to be dressed up like a giant bottle of Perrier while Lil Pump donned a  Fiji Water costume.

The pair performed "I Love It" during the Adam Driver hosted episode but it seems fans were not exactly on board with the bottled water concept.

Although, some fans pointed out that the musical number was pretty tame compared to Kanye's earlier 2018 antics.

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One person felt that the performance was reminiscent of classic '90s cartoon, Hey! Arnold. 

It also seemed as though Ye managed to get few un-bleeped f-bombs past the NBC sensor.

Which is huge considering former SNL cast member -- comedian Jenny Slate -- was fired after just one episode when she accidentally let an f-bomb slip out on live TV in 2009.

But mostly, fans were just missing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy-era Kanye and this 2010 SNL performance with Pusha T.

Main Image: NBC/Giphy.