John Lennon Wasn’t Big On Compliments, Says Paul

Paul McCartney has been spilling Beatles tea for the past few months, dishing out decades old gossip that -- in some cases -- just would have been best left in the past.

In a recent interview on CBS, McCartney opened up about how competitive the iconic song writing duo really were.

“If he had written 'Strawberry Fields', I’d write 'Penny Lane',” the Beatle said about their game of musical one-upmanship.

Interviewer Sharyn Alfonsi asked if -- as they created some of the biggest hits of the 20th century -- Lennon and McCartney ever complimented each other.

“Once,” Macca replied.

“Once John gave me a compliment. It was only once the whole time."

The song in question was “Here, There And Everywhere” from The Beatles’ 1966 record, Revolver.

When Lennon finished listening to the Macca penned track for the first time, he said that it was a “really good song, I love that song”.

McCartney -- who just released his newest solo record, Egypt Station -- said he’s remembered the praise “to this day”.

"It's pathetic, really,” he added, referring to his respect for John.

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When asked if he ever patted Lennon on the back for his compositions, McCartney paused and said he did, “although you’d normally have to be a little drunk”.

“It helped.”

Of course, Lennon isn’t around to defend himself (maybe he gave wonderful compliments?) so Macca gets the last word.

But if we were Lennon, we'd be a lot more worried about Paul spreading goss about the group masturbation sessions, tbh.

Main Image: Getty Images.