Lil Peep And XXXTentacion Collaboration Is Dropping Tomorrow

But not everyone is happy about it...

Following Lil Peep’s death last year and XXXTentacion’s murder in June, it has today been revealed that a posthumous collaboration between the pair called “Falling Down” will be dropping tomorrow on Columbia Records.

While the pair never officially met, ILoveMakonnen (real name Makonnen Sheran) who co-wrote “Falling Down,” posted a sneak peek of the track on Instagram, and explained how the recording came to be.

“I posted a few weeks ago about how much it meant to me to know that this song I co-wrote with @lilpeep inspired @xxxtentacion to want to jump on and add some verses. Incredibly excited for y’all to hear it tomorrow. Thank you for supporting.”

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In the clip posted by Makonnen last month, X can be heard how he wished he and Peep linked up before the rapper’s sudden death last year, saying:

”If I would have known he was so cool, I would have linked up with him sooner. "And it's unfortunate, because it's like, yo, people die. That's when you, you know, your remorse makes you check them out."

Upon the news, fans of both X and Peep were overjoyed at the prospect of hearing unreleased music from the artists, while others were more skeptical, dubbing the release as a tasteless money-making move to profit of both musicians' death.

Some Twitter users also pointed out that X was allegedly a known homophobe with an apparent history of violence, while Lil Peep was openly bisexual and notoriously anti-violence.

Lil Peep -- real name Gustav Elijah Åhr -- died from an accidental drug overdose in November 2017 at the age of 21 after taking Xanax that was reportedly laced with the powerful opioid fentanyl.

XXXTentacion was killed in an apparent shooting in June this year at just 20 years old. Four men have currently been arrested in relation to the murder.

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