Dr Phil Sang With Good Charlotte And It Was Horrifying

As if we haven’t already been through enough in 2018.

It’s the musical collaboration that literally nobody asked for -- or could have even imagined in their nightmares -- but somehow Dr Phil McGraw has performed onstage with Good Charlotte.

The terrifying idea was cooked up by James Corden who plays a ‘music performance enhancement coach” suggesting the band take on a new member in a sketch for The Late Late Show.

The Texan talk show host donned some goth eye shadow and a studded vest before bellowing his way through Good Charlotte’s 2002 hit “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous”.

Needless to say, reviews of the performance have not been great.

Although -- puzzlingly --  some fans were definitely into 'goth Dr Phil'.

Dr Phil wrote on his Instagram that it was "the most exciting collaboration in music history! (or at least the past 24 hours)”.

Exciting is certainly one way to put it.

Main Image: YouTube/The Late Show.