Paramore Announce They'll No Longer Play "Misery Business" Due To Sexist Lyrics

So long, Miz Biz!

Paramore have announced that they will no longer be playing breakthrough hit "Misery Business" "for a really long time” due to controversial lyrics have been seen as ‘slut-shaming’.

Playing in a one-off concert in Nashville on Friday, frontwoman Hayley Williams announced the song’s surprise retirement to a shocked crowd before playing it one last time.

“This is a choice that we’ve made because we feel that we should, we feel like it’s time to move away from it for a little while,” she said before playing the iconic track.

“This is to every bad decision that led us here, this is to all the embarrassing things we might have said, but we owned up to it and we grew,” she added.

The controversial second verse -- written when Williams was 17 -- says, “Once a whore, you’re nothing more, I’m sorry, that will never change.”

"Misery Business" was the breakthrough track from Paramore’s second album Riot! and was released in 2007.

It's a move that seems like it's been a long time coming. In fact, back in 2015, Williams wrote a blog post addressing the song's lyrics, saying:

"Misery Business is not a set of lyrics that I relate to as a 26 year old woman. i haven’t related to it in a very long time. those words were written when i was 17… admittedly, from a very narrow-minded perspective.

it wasn’t really meant to be this big philosophical statement about anything. it was quite literally a page in my diary about a singular moment i experienced as a high schooler.

…and that’s the funny part about growing up in a band with any degree of success. people still have my diary. the past and the present. all the good AND bad and embarrassing of it!"

While it looks to be a step in the right direction considering today’s climate, fans across social media were divided over the choice to pull the popular song from upcoming performances.

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