Noel Gallagher Found Long-Lost Solo Album In Sock Drawer

So that's where he left that ...

Oasis singer-songwriter Noel Gallagher has apparently found a thought-to-be lost album in the most unlikely of places: his sock drawer.

After he left Oasis in 2009, and right before he released the album Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds in 2011, Gallagher worked with the electronic duo Amorphous Androgynous on what would have been his debut solo album which was often described as "space rock".

Though two tracks from the collab, "The Right Stuff" and "The Mexican", featured on Chasing Yesterday and "Shoot a Hole Into the Sun" was released as a B-side to "Dream On", in 2015 Gallagher told Noisey fans were probably never going to get the chance to hear the album in full.

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"There’s no bootleg because I own the master and I destroyed it. My manager hasn't even heard it. I wouldn’t play it," the 51-year-old said, adding "It was so underwhelming to me that I never played it to anybody".

"I’m not going to put records out to please people and their imagination, then they hear it and go ‘Actually, it’s a bit s---’. I know it’s s--- that’s why it’s not coming out and that’s the end of it."

Well now it seems Gallagher may have destroyed something else because in a chat with DJ Matt Morgan the recording artist revealed, "I did find a copy of it recently in a sock draw".

Don't get too excited as Gallagher was quick to add, "The masters (tapes), somebody has them, the masters have not been destroyed -- but it won’t be coming out any time soon".

In the chat, Gallagher walked back his more intense criticism of the album -- "It became apparent that they weren’t making a record for me but I was making a record for them. You know me, that’s not going to fucking work." -- instead saying the album "wasn't right for the time".

Gallagher is currently touring his album Who Built The Moon?

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