Taylor Swift Performed "Tim McGraw" With Tim McGraw

Nicole Kidman and Taylor's BFF Karlie Kloss were in the audience when Tay performed her 2006 debut single.

Back when Taylor was 15, she recorded a demo of a song called "Tim McGraw". The song helped snag teen Tay her record deal and went on to be her first single, all the way back in 2006.

Now 28, Taylor's currently on tour performing stadium shows across America for her Reputation World Tour, and while performing in Nashville, Taylor dug into her country roots and brought the actual Tim McGraw onstage to sing "Tim McGraw" with her, along with his wife Faith Hill.

In the past, Taylor has sung the song TO Tim when she performed it at the Country Music Awards in 2007, but the pair have never performed it together. Needless to say, Taylor's Nashville fans lost their collective s**t.

And it looks like Tim and Faith had a pretty great time, too -- even if they did forget some of the words to the song!

Also in the Nashville audience was Nicole Kidman, as well as two of Taylor's BFFs; model Karlie Kloss and her childhood bestie Abigail.

Feature image: Getty Images