Steven Tyler Sends Cease And Desist To White House Demanding Trump Stop Playing Aerosmith

Think you can just use Aerosmith songs without permission? Dream On.

Aerosmith's singer Steven Tyler has sent a cease and desist letter via his attorney to the White House demanding Trump stop playing his music.

Yep, the frontman has asked the Trump campaign stop using their songs, like "Livin' on the Edge", as the president's supporters make their way into his rallies.

According to the letter, this isn't the first time Tyler has issued a cease and desist, outlining the fact that the Trump camp do not have the permission of Tyler or the other writers of "Livin on the Edge", Joe Perry and Mark Hudson, to play the song.

Previously, Tyler sent letters during Trump's campaign in 2015, each time Tyler's attorney Dina LaPolt has claimed that Trump is "creating the false impression" that Tyler has "given consent for the use of his music, and even that he endorses the presidency of Mr. Trump".

On Twitter, Tyler posted in shouty caps that "THIS IS NOT ABOUT DEMS VS. REPUB" claiming the issue was more about the unlawful use of his songs without permission.

As Tyler's letter mentioned, this isn't the first time he has requested Trump stop using his music for his rallies, and in 2015 when Tyler demanded the president stop using "Dream On" at rallies, Trump tweeted he found a "better [song] to take its place".

Tyler is just one of many musicians who has refused to allow Trump to use their music at rallies including R.E.M.'s frontman Michael Stipe and Neil Young.

Meanwhile Pearl Jam landed in hot water after they released a poster for a gig that featured the White House aflame with a carcass of what appeared to be Trump being ripped apart by an eagle.

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