Bless The Memes: Toto Love All Your "Africa" Jokes

There's nothing that a hundred memes or more could ever do...

In a new interview with Page Six, Steve Lukather -- Toto's lead guitarist and vocalist -- has revealed that the band loves all the hype and humour around their '80s banger and karaoke classic, "Africa".

“It’s hilarious,” Lukather said, noting that the band recorded the song in 1981 as "a throwaway tune, [on their] fourth album".

“I always loved the track, but I thought the lyrics were silly," he continued. "I mean, but they are!”

Calling the song's memeification a "great honour", he added: "I'm tickled. It just makes me smile. I mean wow, that’s forever. When someone looks back at 2018, we’re going to be a part of that story. That’s pretty cool.”

And it's not just 60-year-old Lukather who loves the jokes, either. According to him, the whole band has “an amazing sense of humor about some of this s–t”.

“That’s the one thing about my band that no one ever realised,” he said of the band, who formed nearly 40 years ago.

Explaining that people always anticipate that they'll be "the most serious people in the world", Lukather said that nothing could be further from the truth.

“I have a wicked, depraved sense of humor, and when people come at me with these memes and stuff like that, I laugh my ass off -- the worse they are or the better," he said.

They don't even mind being parodied or made fun of!

"It’s fine," he said. "I get it. I mean one of them is a South Park character. How cool is that? You know what I mean? How can I bitch at that? That’s the coolest thing ever!”

And the memes are paying off, too.

Toto is currently enjoying a US tour, where they're playing sold-out shows to audiences of all ages, including new fans who have discovered them through the band's recent online popularity.

“This came out of nowhere,” Lukather said. “Our gigs are selling out, we’re having fun, I got a book coming out next month. It’s good to be us right now. You know, who knew that this would happen to us at this point, so we’re rather grateful about it."

“I would have never bet on it,” he finished.

Feature image: Twitter / Getty Images