Fans Are Divided Over Ariana Grande's Song About Pete Davidson

A bop or not? The fans can't decide!

Hello, it's been a few hours since we last spoke about Ariana Grande. In that time, Sweetener has dropped, and one song in particular has fans all up in their feelings.

Yep, it's her song "Pete Davidson" -- formerly titled "Pete" -- the minute long album interlude that spawned the term Big Dick Energy.

A tribute to her fiancé, Ari calls Pete her "soul mate" and declares: "I thought you into my life / look at my mind".

Still, Ari's fanbase can't decide whether they're into the song or not.

In the "it's a bop" camp:

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Meanwhile, over in the "keep it" camp:

Blissfully unaware, however, the locals are out here like:


Feature image: Getty Images