I'm Shaking: Britney Sang Four Words Live On Jimmy Fallon

Sorry all your faves are cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hop in, friends and frenemies, we're going on a journey to standom.

We're gathered here today because our one true queen, a wholesome goddess of all that is pure in this world, has blessed us with four words sung LIVE, and huns, we're shaking.

Yes, that's right. Britney Spears appeared on Jimmy Fallon's close to unbearable running segment "Ew!" playing Abby, Sara's BFF from camp.

In it, the pair discuss whether they'll return to camp next year.

Britney-as-Abby says that they'd be the oldest campers there, and Jimmy-as-Sara responds that they're too young to be camp counsellors.

"We're stuck between two worlds," says Jimmy-as-Sara. "It's like, I'm not a girl... "

"Not yet a woman!" Britney-as-Abby SINGS. LIVE. WITH HER VOICE.

Sorry ladies, but all your faves are cancelled because this is a VOCALIST.

She also served up some fashion POSES and cancelled every supermodel in the game.

And she looked adorbs while doing it.


Feature Image: YouTube